Award Win in San Diego

Surveilled won an award at the Interntional Mobile Film Festival in San Diago. The competition was tough but the film impressed the judges enough to claim a prize! Hear about the festival on this podcast by festival organiser, Susy Botello, with James Smith (director) and Caroline Spence (screenwriter-producer).

The film will soon to be available of major streaming platforms. Check the Official Website for updates.

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Surveilled is official selection at Horror-on-Sea

We’ve received the great news that SURVEILLED has been officially selected for screening at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival 2021 and has been programmed to screen on Saturday 22nd May 2021 at 5.30pm

Join us for the screening and party on Saturday 22nd May 2021 at 5.30pm!

Well done to everyone involved – the organisers of this fantastic festival really know how to run an event and party! And we’ll be there to screen our film and promote the event too! Look out for tickets and be sure to book early!

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Surveilled movie wrapped and now in post-production

After an intense 30/32-day shoot, the film has been wrapped and we now embark on the post-production (editing and finishing) phase. This incredible project has been supported by people from across the world coming together to help production. Now, we need help in post-production: office space (Loughborough, Midlands, UK), software, computer systems, and of course enthusiasts and post-production professionals alike who wish to get involved and help out.

The Crowdfunding Campaign is also still live for other ways to become involved and support Surveilled … do join us for your place on the Red Carpet, which is not that far away!

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Loughborough Echo Article – 7th August 2019

Here’s a transcript of a recent Loughborough Echo article by David Godsall featuring SURVEILLED:

Surveilled will be filmed in the Loughborough area

Chance to get involved in new Indy horror movie

Businesses and local people are being offered the chance to get involved in a new movie being filmed in the Loughborough area.

Raya Films, the team behind an award-winning Loughborough-shot feature film, have cast well-known local actor, Johnny Kinch, in their next production, a horror film called Surveilled.

This follows the success of their debut movie Do Something, Jake, which was shot entirely in and around Loughborough, and which was recently signed up for worldwide distribution by an American distributor.

Surveilled is a full-length creepy horror movie to be filmed around Loughborough that embraces the surge in demand for ‘smart horror’ films – less gore with more humour and story originality mixed with complex characters.

To help fund the production, the Surveilled team launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Funds raised will go toward cast and crew fees, transport and catering.

The campaign smashed its target and is now at 141 per cent funded, but there are still many ways for people to become part of the Surveilled gang and support ‘indie’ film.

The movie is now in pre-production where they are attaching cast, booking locations and locking in dates, but are still appealing for extras, catering, locations and props.

A spokesperson said: “We are ready to roll, but we still need a small sum of money to help toward actor, crew and location fees.

“At Raya Films we go the extra mile to secure aesthetic and intriguing filming locations that are as much a part of the storyline as the characters. We also like to seek out new and exciting talent as well as seasoned professionals to star in our films, so a little extra cash can help us fulfil our mission.

“Through past crowdfunding campaigns we have been able to identify the most popular perks that benefit both the project and you – our valued supporters. So we have designed perks that are simple to understand, quick to receive and affordable”.

Depending on how much they donate, supporters can get a credit on the IMDb movie website, an acting workshop with Johnny Kinch, a film credit – or even an executive producer credit.

For more details visit THIS LINK

Surveilled is a full-length creepy horror movie to be filmed around Loughborough that embraces the surge in demand for ‘smart horror’ films – less gore with more humour and story originality mixed with complex characters.

New launch for Surveilled!

We are excited to announce that SURVEILLED is moving forward in pre-production and we’ll be rolling cameras this summer!

We have launched a sizzling crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to raise funds to help smooth the path for production. Through the campaign there are a whole bunch of opportunities for film professionals and film fans to become involved in the project and be part of the Surveilled team.

We’ve spent the last few months honing down the screenplay and stripping the project back to enable us to shoot on a micro-budget, so we will soon be re-casting and holding auditions for all roles.

Please keep checking this website for updates and opportunities, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook There’s also a feature in the Northern Recorder about Surveilled in relation to our other work, so do please check it out for some background info.

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Finally, get involved now via The Surveilled Crowdfunding Campaign!